Winning Support for RM Projects

Quite often records management practitioners raise inadequate to management support for records management initiatives. They cite a lack of budgetary support, staff development, and poor user uptake of RM services amongst others as manifestations of this inadequate support.


However, many records management practitioners also struggle with articulating their value proposition to their top management and even to other stakeholders, hence not building significant inspiration to attract the support they need.


This training programme on winning support for RM is to help RM practitioners apply some of the relationship management and selling principles in commercial businesses to their work and be able to effectively champion and advocate for their practice and profession to win the support they need.


Are you struggling to attract sufficient support from your sponsors and top management for your RM initiatives? Are you struggling with your users when it comes to compliance to RM policies and guidelines? Are people locking files in their desks and proceeding on leave without your knowledge? Enroll for this training and get practical solutions on how to unlock this challenge. Remember the burden to attract support is on the RM practitioner and not the stakeholders. Some of the training lines will include:


  • Records management strategic alignment
  • Tangibles benefits of records management
  • Intangible benefits of records management
  • Stakeholder needs identification
  • Building a case for RM projects.
  • Matching RM benefits to stakeholder needs
  • Getting in the client’s shoe.
  • Applying The “four” principles of selling in RM
  • Telling your story
  • Measuring success of the selling effort


Target audience: Records and archives officers, archivists, ICT officers, knowledge management officers, information officers, communication officers, documentalists

Winning support for RM Projects - Website

2023 Training Schedule

The open programme shall be available on the following dates in 2023:

Session 1 – 12th – 16th JUNE 2023

Note – this training can also be provided inhouse.

Training Fees

KARMA Members: 67,280.00
Non-Members: 74,820.00
Foreigners: $850

All the costs are inclusive of VAT

Registration: Contact or

Call: +254 705 519 715

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