Performance Management in Records Management

Managing performance in records management work for results and impact remains a key challenge to records managers and organisations. How do you set performance objectives for a records department? Is it by volumes of records processed, records retrieval speed, quality of records and information, customer service and experience, revenues and costs?

Just like any other job in an organization, records management too must be able to demonstrate impact and value for its existence. Records managers must be able to demonstrate their value to the organization mission and vision. They must show how they are aligning to overall company strategy. They must be seen in the bottom-line. Quite often, records and archives management work can be lost in the daily and routine activities of records processing and fail to articulate their contribution to the big picture.

That is why we have this programme. To help records management practitioners develop performance management frameworks and tools that allow them to align and focus on the organization goals and deliver value.   Through this training programme help answer the following questions: how do you ensure maximum productivity from employees working from home? How does one support employees remain focused on the end-game and deliver value? How do we craft robust performance management frameworks that can support faster recovery? What behaviours would drive desired performance culture?

The training scope:

  • Strategic alignment of performance metrics
  • Determining performance goals
  • Cascading performance goals
  • Developing key performance indicators
  • Implementing Balanced scorecard
  • Effective performance appraisals
  • Sustaining high performers
  • Performance improvement planning
  • Embedding right performance culture and behaviours
  • Coaching for performance

Target audience: Heads of Records/Information Management Units, Directors of National Archives, Records/Information Officers

2023 Training Schedule

The open programme shall be available on the following dates in 2023:

Session 1 – 14th– 18th AUGUST 2023

Note – this training can also be provided inhouse.

Training Fees

KARMA Members: 67,280.00
Non-Members: 74,820.00
Foreigners: $850

All the costs are inclusive of VAT

Registration: Contact or

Call: +254 705 519 715

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