KARMA Annual Conference 2023

THEME: Supporting Devolution through effective RM

6th – 10th November 2023

In 2010, Kenya promulgated a new constitution that established a devolved system of governance that provided for statutory delegation of financial and administrative autonomy from the national government to 47 county governments. This decentralization is among the most rapid and ambitious devolution processes going on in the world.

Some of the objectives of devolution as outlined in the Kenyan constitution include: to promote social and economic development and the provision of proximate, easily accessible services throughout Kenya; to facilitate the decentralisation of State organs, their functions and services, from the capital of Kenya; to enhance checks and balances and the separation of powers; to give powers of self-governance to the people and enhance the participation of the people in the exercise of the powers of the State and in making decisions affecting them; to recognise the right of communities to manage their own affairs and to further their development.

In our 7th annual records management conference on 6-10 November 2023, we shall be engaging on what records and information management professionals in Kenya need to do to support implementation of the devolved system and enhance realization of the objectives and resultant fruits of devolution.

The conference fee shall be Kshs.72,500.00 for Members, Kshs. 80,736.00 for Non-members and $850 for foreigners. This cost is inclusive of VAT. Payments should be made prior to commencement of the workshop in favor of Kenya Association of Records Managers and Archivists (KARMA)

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