Automating Records Management Processes

Records management automation covers an array of interventions that seek to infuse ICTs in records management processes within an organization’s business processes and systems. It covers such processes as records digitization (scanning), implementing electronic records management systems amongst others. Whereas records digitization is automation, not all automation is digitization.

Records management automation potents numerous challenges because of the uniqueness of organisations when it comes to records and documents management. As a result there is never a one-shoe-fits-all solution. Unlike in business applications like finance and human resource management, where one automation strategy can apply to many organisations, records management is different. Even where off-the shelf applications are adopted, they often require significant customization to align to organisation processes. Or at worst, the organisation has to shift to the system’s requirements. When this is not well done, any attempts to automate RM process will face headwinds.

That is why we have this training programme. To help participants appreciate the depth of planning, system analysis and design, that has to happen before attempting to source, procure and implement a system. Quite often we see organisations procure systems first and start figuring out how to adapt them to their process later.

Successful automation of records management processes, has to be preceded by effective planning for the automation. Research continues to show that because of uniqueness of records systems from organization to organization, many attempts to digitize or digitalize RM systems do not succeed because of inadequate planning at the beginning of the projects.

This five-day programme focuses on the planning for RM automation to ensure that prior to implementing any electronic records management systems, adequate planning and ground-working is done for effective takeoff for e-records systems.  It sets the right path to implementing RM systems.  It is like a mathematical equation, if you follow the right path/formula, you will definitely reach the correct answer. Through this programme, you learn how to get it right the first time in RM automation.

The training scope entails amongst others:

  • The need for automation – rationalizing automation of RM processes in line with Organization strategy.
  • RM systems analysis and design
  • Aligning RM automation to organization strategy: short-term and long-term processes.
  • What can and what cannot be automated.
  • Mapping the business processes and records management needs.
  • Legal and regulatory factors and implications to RM automation.
  • Return on investment in RM automation.
  • Selecting appropriate RM hardware and software
  • Building internal skills and people capabilities for electronic records management
  • Change management strategies for RM automation
  • Internal policy and regulatory considerations for RM automation.

Target audience: Records and archives officers, archivists, ICT officers, knowledge management officers, information officers, communication officers, documentalists

2023 Training Schedule

The open programme shall be available on the following dates in 2023:

Session 1 – 24th – 28th July 2023

Note – this training can also be provided inhouse.

Training Fees

KARMA Members: 67,280.00
Non-Members: 74,820.00
Foreigners: $850

All the costs are inclusive of VAT

Registration: Contact or

Call: +254 705 519 715

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